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Kilojolts Consulting Group is an energy management consulting firm that focuses on practicable solutions for effective energy management and energy cost reduction/containment in all aspects of facilities operations and planning. Leading corporations from all market sectors with millions of square feet of property currently under contract put their facilities portfolios in our hands to help keep their costs manageable.

The firm was founded in 1999 by energy and lighting expert Gary Markowitz, an energy manager/cost containment consultant of national reputation with 28+years of experience.

Under Mr. Markowitz’s direction, Kilojolts helps companies meet energy cost reduction goals through a range of customized programs that:

  • Reduce energy costs through cutting-edge procurement techniques, persuasive negotiation, and aggregation opportunities presented by the deregulated environment
  • Maximize operational efficiencies through low-cost/no-cost practices
  • Identify proven energy efficient equipment that's mindful of true lifecycle costs
  • Assist clients in developing and implementing sustainable energy management programs

A number of local and national clients have benefited from Kilojolts' programs, with past and present clients including:

  • Unilever North America
  • Safeway
  • Clark University
  • Yankee Candle
  • The City of Cambridge
  • Legal Sea Foods
  • Au Bon Pain
  • Cambridge Savings Bank.

Our mission is to use every avenue available to improve our clients' operational bottom line. And Kilojolts' clients have enjoyed great success: We save our clients, on average, 7 - 15% off their energy expenditures.

To fuel our clients' success, we have developed a number of innovative products and services that help companies monitor and benchmark energy usage, achieve energy cost reduction goals, and, ultimately, increase profitability.

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Success Story

Kilojolts Consulting Group Helps Cambridge Savings Bank Cut Energy Use by 20%

Cambridge Savings Bank is among the largest community banks in Massachusetts. Founded in 1834, the company has close to $2 billion in assets, and offers a wide range of products and services to personal, small business, and commercial banking customers

Cambridge Savings Bank (CSB) wanted to reduce its overall use of energy for both financial and environmental reasons. Management wanted to mitigate the impact of rising energy costs on its profitability while reinforcing the bank's commitment to environmental stewardship. With headquarters in Cambridge , MA —one of the country's most progressive and environmentally aware communities—CSB was acutely aware that its customers and stakeholders cared about conservation.