Gary K. Markowitz

Founder and President

Mr. Markowitz is an energy/facilities cost containment consultant and lighting expert of national reputation with 28 +years of experience. He has successfully implemented energy management and lighting design programs for the United States government, private industry, religious institutions, and for the commercial, retail, and residential sectors. By applying non-traditional methodologies to complex energy and lighting challenges, the results for his clients with results far exceeding conventional expectations.

Prior to founding Kilojolts, Mr. Markowitz was Corporate Energy Manager and Lighting Director for Star Markets Company in Cambridge, MA. At Star, he designed and implemented an energy management program for the 53-store supermarket chain that dramatically reduced the company's energy resource costs by more than $1 million in just 18 months.

Mr. Markowitz is the former Energy Administrator/Facilities Engineer for the Raytheon Company's Electronic Systems Division, where he worked for 13 years. He guided Raytheon and Star Markets through the energy deregulation process, successfully negotiating highly favorable electricity and gas supply contracts

Mr. Markowitz graduated from Clark University, Worcester, MA, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science, Technology & Society. He was awarded the Edison Award for excellence in lighting design in 1986 and the Federal Energy Efficiency Award from the United States Department of Energy in 1988, both while employed at Raytheon.

Awards & Recognition

Kilojolts' President Gary Markowitz has won a number of prestigious awards for his energy management work, his writing on a host of energy-related topics, and for his corporate lighting design.

"Pursuit of Excellence Award," from Star Markets Company

"Suggester of the Year Award," from Raytheon (Electronic Systems) Company (cost reduction program)

"Federal Energy Efficiency Award for Individual Achievement," from the U.S. Department of Energy

"State Energy Award for Innovation" from the U.S. Department of Energy

"MSD Author's Awards," from Raytheon Company

"International Lighting Design Award," from IALD

"Edison Award of Distinction for Excellence in Lighting Design," from GE

"Achievement in Energy Conservation," from US. Department of the Navy

"Excellence in Energy Conservation Achievement," from Raytheon Company